Saturday, 7 September 2019

As expected, a delay to the usual time schedules

Not ready as yet!


My PICC Line is still working but I've had to contact the District Nurses to delay the small Chemotherapy bottle removal, that they usually do on a Saturday lunchtime.  

As you can see from the photograph above, taken at 16:00, there is still some Fluorouracil to deliver.

Keeping Active during the two week cycle...

Depending upon appointments, the Chemotherapy side effects and the weather, I try to keep as active as I can.

Today, because I didn't have to wait in for a District Nurse to remove the Chemotherapy bottle and the sun was shining, Chris and I decided to do a 7.81 KM meander that took us along...
  • Dodds Lane then down
  • Millbank Lane past Hartleys and down to
  • Robbins Island, along
  • Moss Lane and then along
  • Pygon's Hill Lane Here we gathered wild fruit for making Sloe Gin. Then along the
  • Leeds Liverpool Canal to
  • Bell's Lane where we called into The Running Horses for lunch. Then along the canal to
  • Green Lane crossed
  • Liverpool Road North onto 
  • Dodds Lane and back home.
Start of our Meander
End of our Meander including Lunch
"As you can see, by 13:38 we had completed 13,067 steps and done a total distance of 8.1 KM."
What about the Bottle Removal?

I've spoken to the District Nurse and the current plan is for it to be removed tomorrow, Sunday.

Still Cooking...

Pre-Bowel Cancer I cooked a curry on Saturday Nights when our oldest daughter Melanie comes to join us.

I often cooked another Curry during the week; the day varied.

Again, trying to keep as active as I can, I've continued to deliver most weeks and if there is any reason I can't cook, Chris steps in.

Tonight it's MOORQI (Chicken Curry) which I'll start after I've posted this post.

Chemotherapy Side Effects...

Apart from dry lips and slight soreness inside of my lips, there are no other side effects noticeable so far today, which is normal for me on a Saturday after Chemotherapy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them.

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