Sunday, 8 September 2019

Day late but all's well...

All caught up...

In spite of the delay with the small Chemotherapy bottle removal, that I covered in earlier posts, the District Nurse visited this morning Sunday to remove it, having completed the Fluorouracil deliverery.

Donald and Weasel are active...

My Stoma, Donald, has had to be changed more often mainly because the faeces is firm and blocking the entrance to the Stoma bag. It can be painful when compacted.

Sadly not an unusual side effect fro my Chemotherapy.

As for My Catheter, Weasel, it's working well, but as usual after Chemotherapy he's busy dealing with the large quantities of water the Chemotherapy adds to my body.

Normally back to normal by today but because of the delay in the Fluorouracil application, Sunday has been included in this side effect.

Keeping Active during the two week cycle...

As I said in my last post, depending upon appointments, the Chemotherapy side effects and the weather, I try to keep as active as I can.

Today, in the sunshine again, Chris and I completed a 3.97 KM Meander around Lunt Meadows Nature Reserve.

The migrating Geese are back from the Arctic and the wild flowers stunning. 
First time we've noticed this...

Impressive list of visitors to the Nature Reserve

Our Meander Photographs

By 18:00 we had completed 8,183 steps and 5.4 KM
Still Cooking...

Just an update, last night's MOORQI (Chicken Curry) was enjoyed by all three of us! Well that's what I was told.

Chemotherapy Side Effects...

Dry lips and slight soreness inside of my lips have continued and I've already mentioned Donald and Weasel earlier in this post. There are no other side effects noticeable so far today, which is normal for me on a Sunday after Chemotherapy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them.

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