Thursday, 5 September 2019

My next Round of Chemotherapy has started

Bloods on Wednesday
On Wednesday, the start of this two week cycle, it was off to the 5th Floor and the Marina Dalglish Unit, at Aintree Hospital.
"We'll be so pleased when the lift, up to the 5th Floor, is sorted"
Time for My Blood tests to ensure the Chemotherapy could take place on Thursday.

As we've come to expect, it was very busy and we had to wait quite a long time before we were called through.

Yet again, in-spite of the efforts of staff, My PICC Line was reluctant to provide the Blood Samples

Staff decided to resort to the traditional way of taking the required Blood Samples from my left arm.

The plan, resulting from these problems, was to use Chemicals to remove potential blockages when I came for Chemotherapy the net day; assuming it was possible.

It was then time to wait and see if my bloods were OK and Chemo could go ahead.
I'll find out tomorrow!

Thursday, Chemo or No-Chemo?

Well I wouldn't find out until after I'd visited the Haematology Nurse, at 08:30, to get the new prescription for Blood Thinning Tablets and to end my Daily Blood Thinning Injections, that I've been administering myself.

It was then off to the Pharmacist to collect the tablets and the tablets we had been prescribed by Dr O'Hagan at our last meeting.

A good time to visit the Pharmacist as we were the only ones there and we were soon able to head up to the Marina Dalglish Unit, on the 5th Floor. to see if my PiCC Line could be sorted.

The clearing of the PICC Line has been put on hold until we start the next round of Chemotherapy in two weeks. I'll update you then.

Chemotherapy to go ahead...
Drip Feed Biscuits and coffee
Bloods were fine and, as my PICC Line clearance had been delayed, we got in slightly earlier for the Chemotherapy.

In just over 4 hours the two main drip treatments plus flushes etc. were complete. During the treatment I Doodled, used a Colouring App to enhance Doodles I'd done in July 2015 and kept up to speed with Social Media etc.

Volunteer John and Colleague  provided their usual friendly chats along with Coffee and biscuits and later a lunch time sandwich.

Once the chemo had been completed and the final stage, the Chemo-bottle, had been attached to the cleaned up PICC line. it was time for home.

No side effects from the treatment at the time I post this blog.

If any of you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I don't promise that I'll be able to answer all of them but I'll do my Best.

The next post will cover up to Saturday, when the District Nurse, based at Westway Medical Centre, will come and remove the Chemo-Bottle.

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