Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Changes to Stoma Support in Sefton

Update: Appointment with the Sefton Ostomy Service

Today (11/11/2019) we, my better half and I, went to have my Stoma Check-up and to see if anything could be improved.

The appointment was at Litherland Town Hall, which has changed so much since our last visit.

As always it's important to be honest about feelings, issues etc., if the N.H.S. is to improve our treatment.

I won't bore you with a list of the questions I was asked, or my responses, but it was well worth accepting the invite to attend this new clinic.

The Stoma Nurse also took a look at "Donald" (My Stoma) and agreed that the circular holes in the "Stoma Bags" were not appropriate and has changed the shape of the hole to a more "eye-like" shape - 40 x 26

Fingers crossed that will reduce "Pancaking" at the entrance to the bag and the soreness due to the acidic faeces reacting with my skin

The Stoma Nurse ordered my new set of bags etc. and the Stoma orders, from now on, will be from the same suppliers as the "Weasels" (Catheters) I use and on prescription.

Looks like positive changes have been introduced, streamlining the ordering process and involving qualified N.H.S. Staff.

Lets hope it saves money and enhances my experience of having "Donald" as well!

My Chemotherapy two-week cycle starts again tomorrow with "Bloods" followed on Thursday with "Chemotherapy"...

Do feel free to add your thoughts/questions/comments etc., below and, if I can, I'll respond to and feedback you request.

Thank you!

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