Friday, 15 November 2019

Chemotherapy Small Bottle

 Yesterday I had a nice "Tip" from the Nurse cleaning my PICC Line.

I'd explained to her that, at the start of my last Chemotherapy Cycle, the Small Bottle that I take home to continue the Chemotherapy, failed to work and so I had to return to Aintree Hospital to have the PICC line Flushed.

I also pointed out that it was difficult to know, at the start, if it's working as very little change takes place.

She asked if we has kitchen scales at home and, as I said yes, she suggested I weighed the bottle when I got home and whenever I needed assurance it was working.

I weighed it when I got home and
again this morning. 

Yes it was working OK even though there wasn't an obvious visual change.

A very useful tip, providing valuable information.

I hope this provides a useful tip for those of you having the same treatment as me!

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